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 photo pixel-star-dixider.gif  photo 12035_d-1.gif ☆ Hello my name is Holley, 24 and believe I'm a fairy from outer space. From Los Angeles, California USA. Cute illustrator, textile designer and artisan for my own shop Holley Tea Time. I love lolita fashion + fairy kei fashion, all things sweet, cute, & pastel. Come and visit my online shop for cute clothing, jewelry, accessories and so much more! My birthday is September 14th 1990. I love watching cartoons and anime. I love reading about zodiac signs. I love to look at the stars at night. I love when it rains. Love to water my garden. Netflixing daily. I love romantic stories. I say meow all the time. ✰ ✰ (○´∀`)ノ♪ F. A. Q.  photo 12035_d-1.gifkawaii pixel,cute pixel,icon Online Shop l Storenvy shop l FaceBook l Twitter l likes l Affiliateskawaii pixel,cute pixel,iconkawaii pixel,cute pixel,icon  photo mini1-1.gif photo decootomedojo1290.gif photo 2jg08yr.gif photo 31589_d.gif photo tumblr_lj3z704iLy1qcfn0j.gif photo tumblr_lj3z8cMvua1qcfn0j.gif photo tumblr_lj3zafBeYX1qcfn0j.gif photo tumblr_lj3zcfKCuW1qcfn0j.gif photo tumblr_lj3zarhjld1qcfn0j.gif users online  photo tumblr_lj3zcaqIQD1qcfn0j.gif photo tumblr_lj3zcfKCuW1qcfn0j.gif photo 874.gif Tags- -> Sweet lolita l Fairy kei l Accessories l Sky l Cute art l Dolls l Gifs l Sanrio l Toys

*¨*•.¸¸⋆*✩ Coming soon resin style charm rings with Holley Tea Time art. Next shop update to be on August 1st or 2nd ( ◕ ‿ ◕)

*¨*•.¸¸⋆*✩ Coming soon resin style charm rings with Holley Tea Time art. Next shop update to be on August 1st or 2nd ( ◕ ‿ ◕)

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