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megamechagogo: "do you still sell the wing hair clips? i saw them at ax, and didnt get the chance to buy them!"

Hello again I got more supplies recently for the wing hair clips and I’m making some now in all colors :)


Sailor Moon Crystal’s première episode viewed one million times in a span of two days. 🌙


*¨*•.¸¸⋆*✩ Coming soon resin style charm rings with Holley Tea Time art. Next shop update to be on August 1st or 2nd ( ◕ ‿ ◕)

美少女戦士 セーラームーン Crystal by ヨンヨン on pixiv

It’s time for another very Fangtastic Friday! :) Has everymonster been watching the new Sailor Moon: Crystal anime? In tribute to this anniversary animation, Koneko-Chan, too, dons the seifuku! With her trusty cat Cat-O-Lantern, she becomes the Creepy Guardian Sailor Gloom!  Don’t forget to check Koneko-Chan out on her Facebook page and on her brand new Instagram! Gloom power! <3


i would always be happy if it rained if i had this umbrella :)
I think at some point in our lives we wanted to do this :P